Deciding about what printer to buy can be a challenge at times. Perhaps you are thinking which is better a laser jet printer or an inkjet? Here is a simple guide for your decision making.

Both has strong and weak points. It is also important that you know where exactly you will be using it most. This is because either inkjet or laser jet, it is designed  for a particular purpose. Inkjet printer basically performs printing through its liquid ink that is sprayed on its microscopic nozzle. The laser printer on the other hand has a heated fusers and a toner cartridge.

An Inkjet printer may cost from $60-$70 while laser printers cost around $130 or more. Inkjet printers come with a starter cartridge but not on the full level. You will need to have some refill after some of them run out.  Laser printers are sold with cartridges containing full ink and can go for a long time without buying a new toner. Injet ink refill are cheap compared to toners.

Laser printer definitely prints faster. There are also times that inkjet printers give an output of having its ink that is still wet. Laser printers can  print at a rate of 20 pages per minute  while the inkjet can only print about 6 pages per minute.

There are good inkjet printers that give high quality pictures but laser printer are consistent with high quality ones.

Either of the two is actually good. But if I will have a printing business, I will have both.