Are you planning to buy a printer but is not sure what to choose? If so, this comparison can greatly help you choose.  Basically, an inkjet printer uses a liquid ink sprayed on the microscopic nozzles to the paper while laser printer uses a toner cartridge and a heated fuser.

Each of these printers has its strength and weakness. Each of those types has its appropriate use depending on different printing needs. To know the suitable type of printer for you, here are some considerations that you should take seriously.

The cost of Unit. The most affordable laser printer cost around $130 while an inkjet unit cost around $60-$70.  But, you must take note that the inkjet printers are sold with starter cartridges and do not contain a full ink tank. It means that after a few prints, you need to buy ink refill for it.

Ongoing Cost. As you use your printer, you need to supply it with consumables such as paper, ink, and toner. Generally, inkjet inks cost a little bit expensive compared to laser jets. But, laser jet printers have an outgoing cost compared to inkjet because they often need a replacement of fuser cartridge.

Speed and Text Quality. When it comes to black and white pages, it is best to use a laser printer. You can expect a speed of up to 20 pages per minute while inkjet may only print up to 6 pages per minute. As to quality inkjet printer is always better compare to laserjet.

Depending on your need and preference you can choose the printer that you want. If you are encountering problems and defect on your printer and you are in need of printer repairs Sydney, check for an express service to save time and money.