Business is sometimes fun but sometimes a real pain in the .. head. Some need proper education to make it work some just need luck to prosper. One of the best businesses to engage to today is having your own courier service. There are six major requirements for you to start this. Think about these and sure thing you will realize that it is worth a try.

First is the checking on the professional and reliable status. In this business, your integrity is something huge. Courier service providers must be trustworthy. People give their trust to you and the expectation that their goods will arrive at the right time to their destination at their best condition. You need to protect their trust and their goods. Second is that you need to be at least 21 years old. Businessmen at 18 can be good but same day express wants you to be at least 21 for specific reasons. The third is that you need to have your own phone which is good enough to be used in your business. It should be iPhone or Android so as you can receive the booking details wherever you are and that you can allow the customer to track your location during the delivery. You need to be accessible any time of the day as much as possible since people will rely on you for their parcels to be delivered any time needed. Fourth is that you need to be available at least one whole day per week to work. And lastly, you got to have a clean slate on a background check that will be completed by the Australian Federal Police.

It is great to be in this business for sure. If you are up to something like this, do not waste your time and have your requirements done at the soonest possible time.